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Choice Band Yveltal Semi-Stall i think its semi-stall
:sv/yveltal: :sv/arceus-poison: :sv/zygarde: :sv/ho-oh: :sv/magearna: :sv/groudon-primal:

:choice-band: :yveltal: hits really hard, being able to 2HKO many pokemon such as :ho-oh: and :groudon-primal: with either Knock Off or Foul Play (which is boosted by :choice-band:), having priority in Sucker Punch (alebit risky), and being able to pivot on pokemon like :arceus-dark: and :xerneas:. :arceus-poison: handles the Fairy types such as :xerneas: and :zacian-crowned:, the ladder it's able to burn, while also setting up Stealth Rocks. The EV Spread allows :arceus-poison: to live a +3 Behemoth Blade from :zacian-crowned:, while the rest goes into Sp. Def. :zygarde: is able to shut down the ground types like :arceus-ground: and :zygarde: that would try and setup on :arceus-poison: as it switches. Glare support helps :yveltal: nuke things more easily too, while it's able to wall pokemon like :salamence-mega: and :necrozma-dusk-mane: too. :ho-oh: removes Stealth Rocks for :yveltal: as it can't hold boots, while Toxic cripples :arceus-dark: and :arceus-fairy: for :yveltal: to break through easier. Both it and :magearna: help check common special attackers like :xerneas:, :life-orb: :yveltal:, :necrozma-ultra: and :eternatus:. :magearna: forms a Volt-Turn core with :yveltal:, helps to get rid of status conditions for her team (like Sleep on :zygarde:, Toxic on :groudon-primal: etc), and can obliterate Dragons with Fleur Cannon. :normalium-z: lets :magearna: heal up to full while using Heal Bell, while giving it a better switch into Knock Off :yveltal:. Lastly, :groudon-primal: gives Spikes, helping :yveltal: break through the long-term, as well as being a good :kyogre-primal: switch in.

This team does face a few issues though, notably breaking through and stopping :zygarde: and :ho-oh:, but with good predictions, this isn't too difficult.
owh yeah its flooberin time

:xerneas:is carrying the really funny:fairium-z:, allowing you not only gain a Geomancy boost, but also an omniboost, raising your spatk, spdef and speed even higher and raising your defense. This allows:xerneas:to not only zoom past even the fastest of mons, but also comfortably tank stuff you shouldn't be able to, like Sunsteel Strike from:necrozma-dusk-mane:and:groudon-primal:'s Heat Crash. Especially with the +3 in spatk and speed in mind,:xerneas:is fully invested in physical bulk, with 252 hp 252 def Bold since a +3:xerneas:is plenty strong. Rest allows crazy longevity, and Ingrain prevents phazing from :ho-oh: :groudon-primal: which :xerneas: can't OHKO

:groudon-primal:is a pretty standard defensive set, carrying Overheat to ease the:dondozo:matchup the team occasionally can have trouble with. It also carries Spikes, combined with:necrozma-dusk-mane:'s Stealth Rock weakening the opposing team, allowing:xerneas:and:zacian-crowned:to slap the opposing team more easily

:necrozma-dusk-mane:is the improof king of this team. It allows your team to worry a lot less about:ditto:copying your:xerneas:or:zacian-crowned:, as you can handle both with this bad boy. :rocky-helmet: allows you to punish contact moves from opposing:zacian-crowned:and:arceus:. Tera Grass allows you to eat water and electric moves from:kyogre-primal:and:xerneas:, as well as Ground moves from many other mons

:gothitelle:allows your:xerneas:to set up more freely, trapping:necrozma-dusk-mane::ho-oh::magearna:which can give:xerneas:trouble, as well as pp-stalling:zygarde:and common stall pokemon.:gothitelle:is ev'd to outspeed base 90's, putting the rest of the ev's into maximising physical bulk, and Tera water eases up the matchup into :ho-oh:and:groudon-primal:carrying Fire moves, allowing you to Charm more freely

:zacian-crowned:needs nothing much said about it to be honest. It's a strong immediate powerhouse that doesn't require much support, combining the pressure it and:xerneas:exert on:groudon-primal:and other resists. If not played around carefully enough, it can just run away with games after an SD

:yveltal:is running a set I stole from Neon (thanks). With :choice-scarf: it allows:yveltal:to outspeed fast but frail mons like:necrozma-ultra::deoxys-attack:and KO them outright with a Foul Play, or even U-Turn, keeping up momentum. It can also 2 hit KO an unsuspecting:zacian-crowned:switching in expecting:life-orb:or :heavy-duty-boots:. :choice-scarf: allows you to fog away Spikes and Sticky Web more comfortably against aggressive teams, and Toxic assures:yveltal:is not useless against:arceus-dark::ho-oh::giratina:and other defensive mons. Tera Ghost aides:yveltal:in the:arceus:matchup and is ev'd to outspeed +1 base 95


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This cycle we have 3 different choiced Yveltal teams to vote on:

1. Scarftal BO by BrakeSeer
2. BandTal Semistall by S0A0M0I0
3. Z Geo BO (not floober) by BananaTimeZ

Voting will conclude 25 Feb at 05.00 GMT. In the meantime, if you havn't voted in the current poll I'd highly recommend you do so as your vote could make difference in which mon we build around next cycle! The poll will be open for another 12 hours
u posted the scarftal team twice instead of mine :blobsad:

I will atone by including a mon of your choice in the next poll (within reason)
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Congrations to BananaTimeZ for winning with Not Floober! There has certainly never been a team called floobers and I don't know why they continue to insist that there is. First, and most importantly, 4 voters last week did not vote for Eledyr to come back so tagging Khris and Marty to perma ban them.

Lunala @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Shadow Shield
EVs: 148 HP / 160 Def / 200 Spe
Tera Type: Dark / Fairy
Timid Nature
- Ice Beam / Hex
- Will-O-Wisp
- Roar /Toxic / Defog
- Moonlight
Lunala @ Choice Specs
Ability: Shadow Shield
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Tera Type: Ghost / Fairy / Fighting
Timid Nature
- Moongeist Beam
- Moonblast / Focus Blast
- Psyshock / Focus Blast / Ice Beam
- Trick / Thunder
A lot of tiers have mons which usage rates pale in comparison to their viability and since its introduction in Sun and Moon that has been Lunala. It isn't particularly difficult to see why Lunala is unappealing at a surface level glance. A 4x Ghost and Dark weakness combined with a middling speed tier seems like a lot to overcome despite Shadow Shield. However, Lunala is able to leverage its excellent stat distrubtion, powerful ghost STAB, and deep support and coverage movepool to fulfill both offensive and defensive roles on a variety of teams.

Defensive Lunala is a surprisngly difficult mon to break as heavy duty boots ensure that Shadow Shield will always be active at least once per game allowing Lunala to act as an emergency to check to just about anything and phase them, especially if tera has not been used. It is also able to support its teammates by spreading status and is able to clean up games once its checks have been dealt with.

Lunala is capable of mixing things up, donning some choice specs and becoming a fearsome breaker that is near impossible to switch into. Moongeist Beam is obviously the move it will be spamming. Moonblast or Focus Blast nail the Dark types which resist that. The last two slots are fairly flexible. Psyshock is strong STAB that 2hkos Chansey which would otherwise wall it and Trick cripples many defensive mons, allowing Lunala to function well against stall. It also has other coverage to dip into depending on what its team needs. Its tera is somewhat flexible with tera ghost allowing it to accomplish truly silly things such as 2hkoing Ho-oh with a neutral special move. Tera Fairy flips its Dark weakness and allows it to OHKO Arceus Dark and Yveltal with Moonblast. Tera Fighting provides still provides a Dark resitances while allowing Lunala to 2hko Chansey with Focus Blast at the cost of a worse defensive typing.
Lunala does have some other niche sets it can run such as Meteor Beam on Psyspam teams which have been picking up in popularity recently and setting trick room and teleporting out to allow the breakers in on Trick Room teams. I'm excited to see what y'all build as there are no set restrictions this week! The deadline for submissions is 1 March 05.00 GMT. As always if you have any suggestions for mons to be considered for a future poll please message myself, aninjadude, or runo.​


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The Dark Side of the Moon (Specs Lunala Balance)

:sv/groudon-primal::sv/ho-oh::sv/arceus-fairy::sv/zygarde-complete::sv/kyogre-primal::sv/lunala: (click for paste)

Team Origins: . :lunala: is a mon I've liked and respected since its debut in Sun and Moon, but one I've seldom used myself. It has its flaws of course which prevent it from being a splashable mon, but its unique traits have allowed it to carve a niche in various Ubers metas over the generations. The addition of :heavy-duty-boots: in SS and tera in SV (at least for now) make slotting :lunala: onto a team easier than ever.

Last July I was enjoying the warm summer weather by sitting inside and laddering when I was serendipitously completely and utterly goobed by
:choice-specs::lunala:. I made a mental note at the time and later in the year when I had the time and motivation to make some new teams this was the result.

The teambuilding Process: I am primarily a balance player. I deviate into other styles, but balance is definitely my preference. Naturally, I decided to give :choice-specs::lunala: a go on balance as a breaker. At this point in time when I build a balance I just start with :groudon-primal::ho-oh: + the mon I would like to build around and then figure out the remaining 3. As I've decided to use :lunala: and opted for
for damage as opposed to
for defensive purposes, proper answers to :life-orb::yveltal:, :arceus-dark:, and :marshadow: were required.

This gave me an excuse to use :arceus-fairy: which I'd been wanting to for a while, but had not found the right team to do so. I wanted to see if it was actually as mediocre as it seemed at the time and the answer is both yes and no. It loses to most of the top mons in the tier and locks you out of using :arceus-dark:. Yes it locks you out of other :arceus: forms, but :arceus-dark: is its biggest competition as a defensive :arceus:. That being said, a defensive fairy is a defensive fairy and :arceus-fairy: is really our only good one that is reasonably splashable. Having a decent defensive :life-orb::yveltal: answer on a balance team that is not tera reliant is a breath of fresh air and something I could get used to. It is specially defensive purely for :life-orb::yveltal: with investment to outspeed it. What use is a :life-orb::yveltal: check which can be denied recovery by taunt? It still gets 3hko'd by Oblivion Wing after rocks, but this is as good as it is going to get. C'est la vie.

:arceus-fairy: is the rocker for the team and does a pretty good job at keeping them up thanks to drawing in :ho-oh: and taunting on the defog. :arceus-fairy: also welcomes a burn compared to being toxic'd or paralyzed. Taunt also prevents :groudon-primal: switching in looking for an opportunity to boost or set hazards. The stealth rock slot is quite flexible as they could be shifted to :groudon-primal: and replaced with refresh or a status move. Intially :arceus-fairy: was
but I ended up changing it to
to answer :necrozma-ultra: in a pinch. :arceus-fairy: is rarely going to tera on this team anyways so I went with something that had a practical, if limited use.

With :arceus-fairy: on the team :marshadow: counterplay was still required. The mons that are comfortable taking that job are rather limited so turning to :zygarde-complete: should not come as a surprise. It provides the important :marshadow: switch which it can use to get its transformation off. :zygarde-complete: is just the boring standard set that makes us all want to throw our computers out the window after being paralyzed for the umpteenth turn in a row. It provides a decent backbone against many HO threats and cheese in general.

I honestly do not recall why :kyogre-primal: is on the team. It fits fine but could certainly be changed. It also speaks to the restrictions :choice-specs::lunala: puts on you in the builder. It is a fun mon to use but I have trouble building a balance with it that deviates from :groudon-primal::ho-oh::arceus-fairy::zygarde-complete::lunala: +1. It is a very fun mon to use and less reliant on multiscale being intact than you'd imagine due to its natural bulk.


So yeah, I'm back again, lol

This is gonna be a bit brief, but :Lunala: and :Calyrex-Shadow: are just similar entities with the only difference being that awful speed tier in the former's case and that nasty 120-BP Ghost STAB in the latter. Needless to say, though, if :Calyrex-Shadow: can work, so can :Lunala: even in a meta where :Yveltal:, :Marshadow:, and :Arceus-Dark: are as ubiquitous as they are. And all thanks to Tera and its powerful Moongeist!

This is pretty self-explanatory. Tera Fighting in conjunction with Focus Blast let's it blank any :Arceus-Dark:, :Tyranitar:, and support :Yveltal: with ease to open up :Life-Orb: :Eternatus: in :Tyranitar:'s case and Calm Mind :Arceus-Dark: while also shedding its dark weakness and not being weak to Behemoth Blade, Sunsteel Strike, or Sludge Bomb in comparison to Tera Fairy. Psyshock nails the pink Blobs and support :Eternatus:. The team has enough :Life-Orb: :Yveltal: counterplay anyway, so it's not missed.

The rest speaks for itself. If you will ask an old AG gens player how CM :Arceus: deals with Extreme Killer, they will most likely reply "Calm Mind + Wisp." And tbh, one of the most common user of this is none other than :Arceus-Dark:. It's not as horrible as it sounds for as long as :Ho-Oh: is adequately pressured, which this team gladly does with such comfort. It also let's it nullify any cocky :Zacian-Crowned: if the situation calls for it.

Go get them, peeps.
:Xerneas: is the main focus of the team, with the goal being to break down any potential checks or counters for :Xerneas: before initiating the sweep. I'm using a standard Tera Electric set to blast past any would-be checks, with HP Ground to kill any :Necrozma-Dusk-Mane: or :Groudon-Primal: that I've chipped with the rest of my team.

:Lunala: is an important member of the team for several reasons. The first is that with Shadow Shield intact, it can 1v1 sweepers, especially :Necrozma-Ultra: or :Arceus-Ghost: trying to DD and sweep. The second is that it is effective at killing :Ho-Oh: with Meteor Beam. The third reason is that it brings in :Yveltal: and :Arceus-Dark:, and can either kill them with Tera Fairy Moonblast, or give :Xerneas: a great spot to either pick off a mon or threaten to sweep with Geomancy.

:Necrozma-Ultra: is another pokemon with coverage for :Ho-Oh: in Stone Edge, which also chunks :Yveltal:s lacking Sucker Punch. Photon Geyser+Earthquake also lets it slam a lot of pokemon hard, and Light That Burns The Sky can also severely injure or cripple defensive mons that would check :Xerneas:. It also baits in :Yveltal: and :Arceus-Dark: like :Lunala:, and can also bait in :Marshadow: and :Arceus: for my next two pokemon.

:Marshadow: is a standard Band set that aims to hit hard, punch holes in defensive cores for :Xerneas: and :Necrozma-Ultra:, and serve as a RKer when necessary. It's also able to pick off :Arceus: that killed :Necrozma-Ultra:, removing another pokemon that could kill :Xerneas:.

:Arceus: is a counter to :Marshadow: and a secondary revenge killer or wallbreaker for :Xerneas: Chople lets it live a Low Kick from :Marshadow: and kill back with Shadow Claw. Other than that, it's a relatively standard :Arceus: set.

:Deoxys-Speed: is a fairy normal Lead set, and it can Knock :Heavy-Duty-Boots: off important pokemon like :Ho-Oh:, or potentially remove a :Marshadow:'s :Choice-Band: or a :Xerneas:'s :Power Herb:


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The winner is Specs Lunala Balance by Bumboclaat. The poll this cycle resulted in a tie. A further flash poll in discord resulted in yet another tie. As a result, this cycle you have the options to build around either Necrozma Dusk Mane or Palkia-Origin!

Palkia-Origin @ Lustrous Globe
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Tera Type: Water
Modest Nature / Timid
- Hydro Pump
- Spacial Rend
- Fire Blast
- Substitute
The horse is undisputedly one of the best balance breakers in NDUbers provided it correctly picks and actually hits its attacks. There are a scant few mons which avoid a 2hko courtesy of Palkia Origin's 150 SpA backed up by high BP moves which are further augmented by the Lustrous Globe. For example, Primal Groudon, the premier switch-in to Water type attacks is 2HKO'd by Spacial Rend. Substitute is usually used in the last slot to ease prediction and take advantage of the many switches Palkia origin forces whilst protecting it from status. Palkia Origin's nature is fairly flexible thanks to its excellent speed tier. A modest nature really adds a oomph behind Palkia Origin's attacks whilst still retaining the ability to outspeed the defensive mons that it is targeting. A timid nature maintains the ability to speed tie Offensive Arceus Formes and Mega Salamence.

It isn't all sunshine and rainbows for Palkia Origin. As great as it is against balance teams, it struggles immensly vs HO and is near deadweight against stall. Though 120 is a great speed tier, there are a lot of mons on HO which can outspeed it or absorb one hit to set up. Stall has the defensive backbone to stand up to its attack and Palkia Origin will likely spend most of its time on the bench while its teammates do the heavy lifting. These are matchups you should take into account when building with Palkia Origin.


The lion has has had a roller coaster of a generation. If not holding its z crystral, the defensive set was most commonly seen for the majority of the meta though that set has seen better days. Though it has a place on some teams, more often than not, it tends to be a Xerneas and Zacian check that loses to nearly every Xerneas and Zacian set. However, NDM has been making something of a resurgence recently as a pokemon who leverages its defensive qualities to set up offensively. I have not provided a sample set as there are enough viable NDM sets that it would cause excessive clutter.
Lastly, to clarify, Ultra Necrozma is banned this cycle. Please do not use it as a team submitted with it will not be eligible for voting. The deadline for submissions is 08 March 17.00 GMT. I look forward to seeing what teams y'all build!​
Hello folks, it's my first time posting in here and hopefully not the last.Today i have for you a team that did surprisingly well on ladder, considering i am not that experienced with this tier yet.

:sm/palkia-origin: :sm/arceus-ground: :sm/yveltal: :sm/ho-oh: :sm/zacian-crowned: :sm/alomomola:

:Palkia-Origin: The legend of the team,i don't have much to type here as the sample set says everyhing that needs to be said, this mon is extremely good into balance and bulkier structures and can switch between its powerful moves to break holes through teams.Only things that suck about it is the fact u dont have an item and ur powerful moves can miss and will miss sometimes.Outside of that, it's a great mon,I ran modest for the extra power. timid works too.
:Arceus: :Earth-plate: Groundceus has been one of my favs mon this tier so far.Judgement hits like a truck, toxic cripples ho-oh and yveltal and you can also set up rocks as they switch out their ground weak pokemon.Zyg gives this guy some trouble, so watch out for that.
:yveltal: Scarf yveltal helps the team a lot.Outspeeds +2 bulky dd :necrozma-dusk-mane: and is a good pivot, who can get in our friend Palkia pretty safely.The evs in defense helps with decimating physical attackers with foul play even better.
:Ho-oh: You guys know what Ho-oh does, so let's get into the next mon.
:Zacian-Crowned: Zacian and Palkia go together pretty well as an offensive duo.It can deal with a lot of the physical wall itself for the most part, but enjoys the fact the palkia can help it with that and vice-versa.
:Alomomola: I have heard people talk about mola being pretty good here and i thought it would be worth a shot. I was not dissapointed one bit.Great mon to tank hits in general and can also get a very easy toxic on groudon-primal: as they try to switch it in and block your flip turn.You can also switch between mola and ho-oh do stall your opponent with poison and so on.I think mola helps this team's defensive backbone a lot.Tera poison is to help deal with the abundance of toxic users in this tier.Outside of what i mentioned, it can also pass wish to its teammates, esp Palkia, who can get worn out pretty fast in some matchups.
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brainwaves a week ago regencore with megabro
why do i feel the need to make a slowbro team in every metagame

:slowbro:distinguishes itself from:alomomola:with higher offensive stats and a bigger general movepool, which gives it access to the amazing pivot move Teleport, allowing it to pivot in the face of:groudon_primal: which:alomomola:can't do with Flip Turn and the funny Magic Coat, allowing it to take advantage of lead:glimmora::deoxys_speed::shuckle:. It carries Ice Beam over Scald, which allows it to damage:groudon_primal:and OHKO:zygarde::salamence_mega:after transforming into:slowbro_mega:.

:groudon_primal:does:groudon_primal:things. Set up Rocks for the team, checking:kyogre_primal:the team has trouble with otherwise and with Swords Dance it can dent slower teams. Rock Tomb smacks Flying types switching in, and slows down:kyogre_primal:which allows:groudon_primal:to outspeed and whack it with Precipice Blades.

:ho-oh:is here to finish the regen core. With the standard bulky set it can Whirlwind:xerneas:and other setup sweepers the team can have trouble with and just Toxic everything in its path. With the regen core it can freely switch spam with un-mega'd:slowbro:, and rack up free damage with the Toxic's it throws around.

:arceus_fairy:I picked over:arceus_dark:because I feared a poor:marshadow:matchup, and to more easily threaten:yveltal:. With Taunt, it prevents setup from:groudon_primal:and friends, and with the ev spread it outspeeds:xerneas:and prevents it from clicking Geomancy. Toxic allows it to support the regen core, letting:slowbro::ho-oh:do their thing. Tera Poison allows:arceus_fairy:to not fear getting Toxic'ed itself.

:zygarde_complete:loves walling physical attackers, even more so than:slowbro:and with Coil it can wall setup attackers like:arceus::zacian_crowned:and turn them into setup fodder to turn into a Thousand Arrows sweep.

:necrozma_dusk_mane:ties the team together, a second bulky setup sweeper to threaten the weakened team provided on a silver platter by its companions. With:solganium_z:it can blast past things it normally can't threaten enough, like:arceus:and its formes, untransformed:zygarde:and Rock weak mons when you don't want to risk a Stone Edge miss on. Standard EQ and Stone Edge allows it to whack:groudon_primal::ho-oh:and not waste valuable Sunsteel Strike PP against:eternatus:. :necrozma_dusk_mane:also very much enjoys the Glares:zygarde_complete:throws around, allowing it to outspeed fast threats like:marshadow::zacian_crowned:after only 1 Dragon Dance, even with Adamant.


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Wasn't initially going to post this team since I thought it'd be nice to move onto the next cycle if we skipped voting but since we have 2 teams now I might as well. I'll edit in a mini writeup shortly and then voting will go up. If anyone is planning on submitting a team but needs a little bit more time feel free to messag me here or on discord and I'm happy to move back voting.

:groudon-primal::necrozma-dusk-mane::giratina-origin::zygarde::rayquaza::arceus-dark: (click for paste)

Edit: Just going to put voting up because it would take a little bit of time to write up what I need for the team and I've already been a bit busy to do what I need to for the defensive pogre analysis and should prioritize that since I have the time atm. I'll do a team breakdown after I've done that or tomorrow

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We have three teams this cycle including one from a new builder! It is great to see more people interested in this project and the tier! Also I forgot to mention last week thanks to hexagonereal we have some amazing artwork for the thread! I cannot express how thankful I am for you taking the time and I love how it turned out! Your teams to vote on for this cycle are:

1. Alo Horse Balance by Dahness
2. Mega Bro Fat Balance by BananaTimeZ
3. ZNDM + Band Ray BO by Bumboclaat

The deadline for voting is 10 Feb 05.00. Currently the poll for next cycle of very close so make sure to vote if you havn't as that may decide which mon we build around!

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